Do You Know Her?

I’m starting a movement and I need your help. .


Do you know an autism mom who might want to hear about these strategies to maximize her energy and professional mastery? I’ve decided to offer a handful of free strategy sessions in the next two weeks.


Moms like me often struggle to find the daily energy to powerfully engage their careers, in the face of the 24/7 life with autism. When I first got Jaedon’s autism diagnosis, it was hard to focus on anything else but the questions and fears. Frankly, it was really hard to give my work any attention. But, with autism as a lifelong disability, the financial toll is significant and many moms cannot afford to jeopardize their income. Additionally, the loss of satisfaction in work (outside the home) well done can really be damaging if a mom’s mission is to be both at home and in the professional space.


Jaedon is now 19 and I’ve walked that road. My anxiety became so tangible that it was difficult for me to do anything else. Since then, I’ve studied peak performers in many fields and have used some of the tools they use to revive my shriveled motivation. I’ve been an educator, curriculum designer and learning specialist, autism coach and consultant. I run a business caring for families with autism. I’ve designed and facilitated workshops and presented at conferences. In every space, I see people trying to figure out how to take the next step. Just like me. Just like my fellow autism moms. I’ve almost completed doctoral studies in performance psychology and I really believe that the strategies psychologists teach performers are strategies that autism moms need. We don’t have to do this the hard way.


So, I’ve written a book about this journey for autism moms (available for preorder soon! Get a free copy by clicking here). It’s a guide to maximizing professional productivity while parenting like a ninja. I know a lot of super hero mommies who benefit from a motivation hack or two, to help them maximize their efforts at work and at home.


If you’ve got someone in your life who you would love to support, please tell her about my movement and introduce us. You can share my contact info below or connect us in a PM and if the person you know is You, I would be honored to support you. Just call/text/PM me).


Here’s to a new year full of the energy and courage to live out all that is in our hearts!


Faith, 347-324-7077