"An individual has enormous capacity to choose growth and change" - Faith Clarke

about Faith Clarke


Starting my career as a computer programmer on Wall Street, but quickly recognizing my passion for education and teaching at the college level for several years where I became fascinated by my learners’ inner motivations and started taking psychology courses to answer her questions. My career in computer engineering and systems analysis helped me develop a systematic approach to problem solving that I applies to my current passion — helping people figure out the next steps on the path to their desired destination, and strategizing a plan to getting there.

 Accumulating 20+ years of experience with curriculum and learner experience design, consulting, coaching, strategic planning, team and organizational effectiveness planning. My interests in human motivation and personal experiences as a mom of a child with autism led me to doctoral studies in performance psychology and a coaching practice that focuses on the needs of autism moms navigating leadership, business, and entrepreneurship.

Through striving for more my formal education includes graduate and undergraduate degrees in computer science, graduate studies in adult education and psychology, and doctoral studies in performance psychology. While homeschooling my three children, I participated in 100+ hours of training in various approaches to facilitating learning in people with autism. co-founding Melody of Autism, an organization that is committed to helping families with kids on the autism spectrum enlarge their village and thrive while embracing what I call, the New Normal of Life on Spectrum Road.


More About Faith

Surrounding my work with autism families through Melody of Autism, I actively engage the needs of parents and professional who work with people on the autism spectrum, and design curricula and experiences that meet those needs. Working with a variety of subject matter experts to synthesize their knowledge and make is digestible to my target audience.

Working as a performance coach, I support small business leaders and their teams to gain strategic clarity. This often involves the articulation and delivery of useful training to key team members that is customized to meet the team’s specific needs.

My prior experience in an academic setting, and my current doctoral work enables me to navigate complex material to distill critical content for relevant problem solving, conduct quality research and analysis, as well as to align learner performance outcomes with reliable metrics for evaluation.

When facilitating learning experiences, I integrate knowledge of performance orientation and learner motivation to allow participants to engage maximally.