Parenting Like a Ninja

‘An Autism Mom’s Guide to Professional Productivity’

You are the queen of the juggle, busily navigating the chaotic autism mom moments while keeping everything afloat. You keep it together, but sometimes, you just want the relentless activity to stop so you could figure out the rest of your life, move ahead with your professional dreams and just be more productive.Based on Faith's story as a business owner and autism mom, this 6 step process will help you maximize your professional productivity while meeting you child's complex needs

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Faith coaches, consults, and creates experiences that help individuals and teams take their desired next steps. She’s co-founder of Melody of Autism, which helps ASD families thrive. An autism mom herself, Faith knows this journey firsthand and is passionate about autism moms living powerfully productive lives in healthy, balanced ways


Faith walks you through the 6 step process that she used to create balance and energize her professional productivity. Read how to:

  • Be a peak-performance professional, especially during chaotic seasons in your child’s life.
  • Maintain energizing and satisfying professional movement.
  • Balance work while problem-solving your child’s development struggles.
  • Create a holistic strategy that gets you the professional results you want without neglecting your child’s needs’.


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92 pages (60 min. read)

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